Friday, July 3, 2015


{ What's more American than Channing Tatum voguing for Vanity Fair? }

Hello friends! It was a short week for me, so unfortunately my roundup is pretty short as well. I took of Thursday morning for Newport Beach, CA and won't be returning until very early Tuesday. So in the meantime, I hope these links will tide you over. Also, if you get bored, feel free to tab over to my "essays" section and catch up on my #summer2015 mantra, wedding season stories and reflections on 5 years in NYC. Just, you know, because.

Oh, and HAPPY 4TH OF JULY, I hope you have a safe and celebratory weekend! 
So, Hillary Clinton is running for president. She might win. When she does, don't you want to say you had the CHILLARY CLINTON COOZIE before anyone else? Yeah, I thought so. 
“He went home to take a nap and said, ‘I’ll call you,’ ” Mr. Leth said. “I’m still waiting, two years later.” Two years after I wrote about it here (as did The Atlantic), THE NEW YORK TIMES HAS DISCOVERED GHOSTING. Thanks, Charlize Theron.
New York magazine's The Cut asks, WHAT'S WORSE: SUNSCREEN CHEMICALS OR A TAN? Important summer reading, folks and spoiler alert: You need to wear sunscreen.
Are you following @THEWAYWEMET ON INSTAGRAM yet? It's cute. And blowing up. You're welcome.
We were subjected to a lot of celebrity romance feelz this week as BEN AFFLECK AND JENNIFER GARNER ANNOUNCED THEIR DIVORCE and rumors are spreading that TIM RIGGINS AND RACHEL McADAMS ARE DATING.
Here's WHAT IT'S LIKE TO SPEND A YEAR IN TROMSØ, NORWAY, WHERE THEY EXPERIENCE SOMETHING CALLED POLAR NIGHT—which means that from November to January, the sun never fully rises. And from May to July? It never sets.
In epic, end-of-an-era news, DONNA KARAN IS STEPPING DOWN FROM HER EPENYMOUS LABELS AFTER 30 YEARS. Over at Fashionista, they ponder what LVMH (who owns the brand) might do now that Donna Karan Collection has beens supended indefinitely and new designers have been appointed at DKNY.

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