Thursday, June 18, 2015


My friend Meghan owns four jean jackets. Now, I might say that's a little excessive—but recently I've re-remembered just how clutch the classic denim jacket can be during the summer. I sort of hate how they look on me when I wear one with jeans, but over dresses and skirts they add just the right element of casual Americana.

And speaking of casual Americana... How about those Birkenstocks? Yes, I know they are technically German (and have been around since 1774, FYI), but they remind me of the granola and hippy-dippy moments that have overtaken our fine country in decades past. Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year you know that these wide, flat and totally unflattering sandals have become the summer footwear of choice for the fashion set. (Google "Birkenstock Street Style" if you still need convincing.)

So anyway, since I can be a real follower sometimes and they are so seriously comfortable, I went ahead and invested in a crisp white pair of said wide, flat and totally unflattering sandals. They make me look like Donald Duck and I love them. Plus, they look pretty good with this little summer ensemble, no?


First and foremost, I can't stop wearing this little shift from H&M. I picked it up a couple weeks ago and it just keeps being perfect for everything from concerts to work to nights out in Montauk and wine-soaked dinners with my favorite blogging gal pals. At just $25, I can't quite believe how great (and kind of expensive) it looks—I love the shirttail hem especially. It comes in plain black, too, and I'm thinking about snagging that one as well. (You know, just in case.)

Oh, this necklace. This big ol' thang has made an appearance on my blog more times than I can remember. I found it at Angel Thrift in Chelsea the first year I moved here. When I laid eyes on it (and then its unbelievable $35 price tag) I had one of those heart-swelling moments of love for New York City. As any savvy city shopper can attest, vintage and consignment are not cheap here. It felt like this tiny miracle at a time when I was jobless, sharing a bedroom and often questioning my decision to move to Manhattan without much of a plan. I shouldn't have been spending money on anything other than essentials at that time (sorry, Mom!) but I bought it anyway. The joy this piece has brought me in the years after gives me faith that it's okay if I don't always do the responsible thing. 


Photography by Bekka Palmer


  1. SHUT UP I LOVE THAT NECKLACE. What an absolute STEAL. It's such a perfect piece to make casual outfits have that extra luxe factor. You look amazing!


  2. Perfection from head to toe.