Friday, June 26, 2015


I can't quite believe it, but June is almost over. The official summer season has just begun, but in my mind, this is when the days start slipping by like sand through your fingers at the beach, and before you know it it's September again. Anyway, this week's roundup is full of some great fodder for rooftop cocktail conversations, dating debates over brunch on a patio and lazy chatter on a roadtrip. Get out there this weekend—and show up armed with some fun talking points. You're welcome, because here they are:
MEET THE NOUVEAU BRO. He's everyone and he's everywhere—but he's also kind of great. I mean, I love guys that love rosé. 
Alert: STUMPTOWN NITRO COLD BREW (that would be cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen so it has a texture like beer) is trending. Gotta find it. Gotta drink it. 
This week The Cut featured a ton of advice content, but I found this post, 25 WOMEN ON THE BEST ADVICE THEY'VE GIVEN (AND RECEIVED), to be the best of the bunch. 
Add this to the long list of reasons I effing love my hometown. In honor of the upcoming LGBTQ Pride celebrations, SEATTLE HAS PAINTED RAINBOW CROSSWALKS ON CAPITOL HILL.  
This week, THE INVENTOR OF THE PINK PLASTIC FLAMINGO PASSED AWAY. Did you even know there was a story behind its creation? And that the creator, Don Featherstone, and his wife wore matching—often flamingo-themed—outfits everyday starting in the late 1970s? Read this lovely obituary from The New York Times for more. 
This is an older humor piece from The New Yorker, but if you haven't read A DAY IN THE LIFE OF PINTEREST, you probably should—right now.
I bet you're sitting at your desk right now thinking, "I really could use another reason to like Meryl Streep." Well, the actress SENT A LETTER TO EVERY MEMBER OF CONGRESS APPEALING FOR EQUAL RIGHTS. All hail Queen Meryl.
Vice asks, DOES BEING AN ONLY CHILD MESS YOU UP? And in talking with a researcher and a therapist it seems like the answer is a firm, "Kind of, maybe. But it depends."
This week in "weird news from around the globe," WOMEN IN JAPAN ARE FAWNING OVER A HANDSOME GORILLA. His name is Shabani, and I guess as far as Gorillas go, he's pretty good-looking...
There are some ladies out there that need to get real with themselves. THIS 23-YEAR-OLD WHO SAW PICS OF HER BOYFRIEND'S WEDDING AND STILL ISN'T SURE HE CHEATED is one of them.

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