Friday, June 19, 2015


This was kind of a loooong week, was it not? I think I woke up on both Monday and Tuesday believing it was Wednesday, so that didn't really help things much. However, my days were cheered and made more rich with a lot of interesting essays, news pieces (The bees! The bees!) and blessedly, a goat video. Behold my favorite things of the week, and have a lovely end to it!
My friend Meghan just rocked her way to the big 3-0, and she's reflecting on her blog with a personal, insightful look at 30 THINGS SHE LEARNED BY 30
NOWNESS has a video series I never knew existed, called GREAT GARDENS. It is just lovely. Go disappear into it for a while. 
If you're wondering why so many girls in New York complain about being broke, it might be because THEY'RE SPENDING ALL THEIR MONEY ON BOUTIQUE FITNESS CLASSES. $850 a month, anyone? 
At this point you should know that one of the most important things in my world is videos of little goats doing literally anything. Today, I bring you this FROLICKING GOAT DRESSED LIKE A SUNFLOWER. Eventually, he falls asleep in a flower pot. #dead 
Watch this darling clip of MINDY KALING DROPPING BRIDESMAID TRUTH BOMBS on Late Night With Seth Meyers because it's adorable. 
You need to read this piece from New York magazine about how HONEYBEES IN AMERICA ARE WORRYING THEMSELVES TO DEATH. It would sound kind of funny, if it weren't so upsetting—and potentially devastating to agriculture and the economy.
If your Instagram feed is feeling a little too blogger-y, might I suggest a heavy-hitting dose of extreme nature, thanks to @FUDOJAHIC? He spends most of his time in Sun Valley so I'm biased, but still. 
Is your weekend in desperate need of a soundtrack? Try RYN WEAVER'S DEBUT ALBUM, THE FOOL. You're welcome. 
When it comes to fancy dresses and cool girl dress-up looks, I don't think it gets much better than Tibi. I urge you to read this lovely interview on Man Repeller (part of her "It's Kind Of A Funny Story..." series), about the founders (and husband and wife team) of Tibi, AMY AND FRANK SMILOVIC. In fact, I liked this so much I'll leave you with a quote from Frank, below:
"It all starts with something that Amy’s dad told me when — actually, I think it was at our rehearsal dinner. He said, “Frank, just remember, it’s a roller coaster.” When you think about it, it’s a great analogy because I don't like roller coasters — I get sick — but that’s what life is, and you need someone to be next to you when you're throwing up. But also, someone who will celebrate with you when there is reason to celebrate."

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