Friday, June 12, 2015


There's nothing but positives in this week's link roundup, but only if you consider Apple Music positive. If not, the roundup is just mostly positive. And good reads. Well, wait. If you're tired of think pieces about privileged millenials then it's almost all positive. Hmm. Alright well perhaps you should just read for yourself—especially the part where Aziz Ansari dishes on internet dating.
APPLE MUSIC is coming for us all, June 30th. 
Why does this guy know everything? AZIZ ANSARI (AND A SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGIST) DISCUSS MODERN ROMANCE in Time magazine—in an article adapted from his forthcoming book. (!!!) 
My darling and amazing friend Alex has launched a delicious, gorgeous food blog called FEAST OF GREEN. Read, eat, repeat! 
You guys, the hipster is dead. And according to Mashable, you're not going to like who's taking his place. MEET THE YUCCIE
What if we could peek into the secret lives of our favorite emojis? Well, The New Yorker online has THE SECRET DIARY OF THE DANCING GIRL EMOJI. So, now we know that a lot of drama goes down—especially with Crossing Guard emoji. 
I don't know how to feel about this, but according to Fashionista, WALL SCOUTING FOR INSTAGRAM IS A THING.
In a lovely piece from The New York Times, my girl Lexi's friend and roommate, fashion illustrator Blair Breitenstein, is among THE NEW FASHION DARLINGS.

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