Friday, June 5, 2015


As you're reading this, I'm behind the wheel of a car speeding out along the Long Island Expressway bound for Montauk. Four of us booked a sweet little room at The Montauk Beach House for the weekend, and are ready to live it up amongst the sun, surf and lobster rolls. Even if your Saturday and Sunday are destined to be less beachy, you'll find plenty of chilled-out, happy and interesting things to read and watch below. Enjoy!
Since I'm currently en route to this very place, so THE INFATUATION'S GUIDE TO MONTAUK is saved in my bookmarks.  
No use denying it anymore, age 30 is coming in hot for me (and a lot of my friends). Luckily, Refinery29 spoke to some boss-ass women about WHY YOUR 30S IN NEW YORK ARE WORTH LOOKING FORWARD TO
Also from Refinery29, this slideshow of more than 30 STYLIST-ENDORSED HAIR PRODUCTS YOU CAN GET AT THE DRUGSTORE is pretty killer. I've been tooting the horn of Dove dry shampoo forever, and here's more proof why.
CAITLYN JENNER, obviously. 
If your weekend is in need of a soundtrack, may I offer you Florence + The Machine's soaring, soulful and amazing new album, HOW BIG, HOW BLUE, HOW BEAUTIFUL.
Some tweens on the Upper East Side are having some issues deciding if they should KILL AND EAT THE TILAPIA THEY'VE BEEN CARING FOR ALL YEAR in their classroom. Kay.
ELLIE GOULDING DELETED AN INSTAGRAM PHOTO OF HER AND LORDE AND KATY PERRY. Read her reasoning in this short piece from Vulture, and tell me this doesn't have Taylor Swift Girl Gang Loyalty Pact written all over it. #badblood
If you know me, and I mean, really know me, you are already aware that there are very, very few things I love more in this world than videos of baby goats jumping around. HERE ARE TINY GOATS JUMPING AROUND IN PAJAMAS. #dead. I have so many questions. Like, why are they wearing their PJs in the middle of the day? Are they related or just friends? Can I come over?

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