Thursday, May 28, 2015


{ On the beach in Ocean City, New Jersey last summer }

I don't want to be like this, but I feel the need to let you know that for once in my life, there is something that I knew before Vogue knew it. It is this: The only beach cover-up a girl really needs is man's white button down shirt.

Back in college at the University of Arizona, I was the girl who would show up to fraternity pool parties in a bikini, sandals, a tank top and no pants. This was circa 2006, before tunics and draping were really in, so my whole bottom was pretty much out. And while I thought I looked quite sassy, I look back at photos of those infamous day parties with a somewhat red face. 

Flash forward to my early post-college days, and I managed to find a happy balance between my leg-flashing desires and socially acceptable off-campus beach/pool attire. Throwing on a man's button down shirt over my swimsuit allowed me to feel appropriately covered, totally comfortable and stylish to boot. It's a summer look so effortless and classic it's almost stupid. Leave only the two middle buttons done, slide into some Birks, throw on your Ray-Bans and you're done. The effect is sexy and utterly unfussy—just the way I'd imagine we all want to feel at the beach or lounging poolside.

My beachwear sees a fair amount of abuse during the summer—shoved into weekenders and tote bags, dragged through the sand and dipped into the ocean—so I'd balk to spend more than about $40 on said white shirt. Last year I picked up a slim-cut oxford from Old Navy for about $25 (size small works brilliantly) and wore it everywhere. This season I want to get my hands on a linen version with short sleeves to achieve an even breezier feel.


*For proof of my forward-thinking style, check out this VERY vintage blog post from the summer of 2011... Sure the shirt is blue, but you get the idea :)

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  1. Such a cute idea! I'm so jealous you had pool parties in college - I went to school in very cold upstate NY where all the pools were frozen.