Friday, May 22, 2015


Oh boy, it's a Memorial Day edition of the Friday link roundup! Unfortunately they aren't all themed to beaches or barbecues or something, but some of them are  about beach waves and Beiber jams, which, in my opinion, are very on-point for #MDW. Check out all the stories and videos below and have a glorious 3-day weekend!
Ever thought about getting a tattoo? I think most of us have. Over on, two writers MAKE A CASE FOR AND AGAINST GETTING INKED. Solid reasoning all-around... 
Ever feel like the job you have isn't the job you're meant for? Try making a list of your best talents and skills and you might end up with SOMETHING LIKE THIS, from the humor column of The New Yorker. (I too feel I could excel as "TV's Frasier.") 
My girl Grace has been knocking it out of the park on her blog, The Stripe, lately—and this BEACH WAVES HAIR TUTORIAL is no exception. Even though my hair is crazy-short now, I still want to get myself a wand and give this look a try. 
Here's a thing that's hard: He's the worst. He's so lame. And yet, JUSTIN BIEBER DOING CARPOOL KARAOKE WITH JAMES CORDEN is pretty endearing. Maybe it's just because James Corden is such a boss and the Biebs has no farther to fall? 
As I'm sure you know, David Letterman's 33-year run in late night TV ended this week. I never watched his show much (I'm more of a Jimmy Fallon devotee) but THE LAST TOP 10 LIST is pretty damn great. 
Do nice guys really finish last? The Atlantic takes a look at why IT PAYS TO BE A JERK. Ugh.
Because critters are fun, check out this list of the TOP 10 NEW SPECIES OF THE YEAR. Apparently about 18,000 new species were identified in 2014, including a prehistoric dinosaur scientists refer to as "the chicken from hell" and a spider that uses cartwheels as an escape tactic.
Want to swoon over a small space? Feast your eyes on this 362-SQUARE-FOOT CANAL COTTAGE IN VENICE BEACH featured on Domaine Home. 

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