Wednesday, April 15, 2015


{ I raised dragons by my side but I, I had to let them go }

If you ask me what I could possibly want (musically) at this moment more than a possible Game of Thrones reference within bright, dancable synthy girl pop—I'll tell you pretty much nothing. I'm having one of those obsessive song moments this week for the first track off of Say Lou Lou's new album, called "Everything We Touch." (It apparently came out as a single last year but I totally missed it. Anyway...)

The song has a mix of anthem-y chords, mythical lyrics and a catchy-as-hell chorus; it's a song that makes you feel far away. Given that these girls are twins who grew up splitting their time between Stockholm (with their mother) and Australia (with their father) it's no wonder their sound is sort of dreamy and other-worldly—like a modern disco party... In space. 

Listen to "Everything We Touch" below and imagine you're Khaleesi at the dance club... Or something.

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