Friday, April 10, 2015


Last week I made a bunch of implusive online shopping purchases for seemingly no other reason besides, "Spring!" Their deliveries were staggered throughout this week, providing little spurts of spontaneous joy and excitiment. If you're looking for a little boost next week, I couldn't recommend this method more. Suddenly I have 10 new pairs of underwear, summer-ready slides and even a new bedside table. Anyway—this week's links have very little to do with online shopping and a lot to do with modern manners, modern dating and the return of Game of Thrones this weekend. Enjoy (and go forth and shop... Yes? No?)!
One of the greatest gifts my mom ever gave me was lifelong lessons in manners and etiquette. These lessons are most often applied at meal-time, hence why I was so delighted to see this video from Vogue, on MODERN EDIQUETTE, STARING CHLOE MALLE. (Napkin in your lap, always!) 
Oh hey look IT'S ME ON THE NOON PACIFIC BLOG—talking about why I love it so much. 
If you liked my post last month on A NEW DATING MANIFESTO, then you will likely also enjoy this post from Medium called AGAINST CHILL. It's so great, in fact, and so in line with my ideology, that I've included an exert below:
"Chill has now slithered into our romantic lives and forced those among us who would like to exchange feelings and accountability to compete in the Blasé Olympics with whomever we are dating. Oh, I’m sorry, I mean whomever we are “hanging out with.” Whomever we are “talking to.” Chill asks us to remove the language of courtship and desire lest we appear invested somehow in other human beings. To even acknowledge that there might be an emotional dimension to talking or dating or hanging out or coming over or fucking or whatever the kids are calling it all these days feels forbidden. It is a game of chicken where the first person to confess their frustration or confusion loses."
Did you see that thing where SETH MYERS BRINGS JON SNOW TO A DINNER PARTY? Well, if you don't want mild GoT spoilers I guess don't watch it, but if you're psyched for this weekend's season 5 premiere, this will give you a real chuckle.
If you're in need of a thought-provoking, devisive read that will make you want to do a hell of a lot more reading, check out this story from The Atlantic on WHY SOME WOMEN CHOOSE TO GET CIRCUMCISED. (This is also known as female genital mutilation.)
On a lighter note, get your emo vibez on with LYKKE LI'S COVER OF "HOLD ON, WE'RE GOING HOME" by Drake. Because for whatever reason, every cover of this song seems to improve on the original.

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