Tuesday, March 3, 2015


This is a weird time of year to shop. Stores are rolling out their early spring product, which, most often, isn't nearly as great as what will hit shelves a little later in the season. However, the urge to shop is strong. I find myself wondering if I can will spring into existance if I just buy enough ankle-skimming pants.

The weather sucks, the novelty of the snow has worn off, and the cold is threatening to drive us all into a red wine-induced hybernation we might never recover from. What can we do other than get House of Cards going on the TV while simultaneously filling our online shopping carts?

Personally, I cannot resist the shopping bug any longer. I've narrowed down my list to just a few things, since I know I'll be feeling that major spring BUY ALL THE THINGS fever in a month or two. If you're feeling similarly, allow me to suggest a few smart, lasting purchases you can make now that won't leave you feeling pangs of regret come April and May.

THE BAG: As I mentioned a few weeks ago when I was exalting the virtue of J. Crew's Downing Bucket Bag, now is a great time to invest in a bad you can carry all year long. It's kind of the ideal purchase for this time of year: You get the instant gratification of wearing it right away, and the satisfaction of knowing you'll continue to use it and love it long after the thrill of the purchase has worn off. A killer bucket bag is really on-trend now, but I I'd also consider a roomy, simple tote bag like this one from Cuyana (I love this burgundy shade) or Madewell's Transport Tote

SPRING KICKS: No sandals, not yet. Sure, the days for exposed ankles are pretty rare at this point in the year, but I sort of force them as long as the sun is out and the sidewalks are dry. For this reason, I say go ahead and invest in your new spring sneakers now. This season everyone is rocking the old school Adidas Stan Smith (they look pretty killer with black cropped pants and a coccoon coat) but I'd also argue for J. Crew's version of the Nike Internationalist with a dash of neon, or the eternal appeal of the Converse Chuck Taylor.

SILKY PANTS: I love the semi-dressy look of the 'Reese' tuxedo pants from J. Crew. They have that relaxed, slouchy silhouette but the tuxedo stripe elevates them to office and after-hours appropriate. These are the ideal pants to pull on for brunch with your new spring kicks (and a heavy coat, at least for now) and later (May?), with sassy heeled sandals and a slinky top for a hot date.

A NEW SCENT: I sometimes get into a rut where I associate certain scents with certain seasons. I love my Elizabeth and James Nirvana White, but it has the warm, comforting association of fall and winter for me. I'm thinking now is the time to seek out a bright, fresh scent that will make it feel like I'm wearing a bit of spring each day, even if it's still snowing. (Something along the lines of old favorite Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin) And on that note, any suggestions?

A NEW BEAUTY BUY: In this transitional time, why not experiment with a new lipstick hue or eyeliner shape to change things up? If you must wear that dreaded down coat for another few weeks, might as well rock it with a killer cat eye, no? I'm dying to try the incredibly well-reviewed Benefit 'They're Real' gel liner

A HAIRCUT: Yes! If you're not inspired to buy anything, why not freshen up your look in a real way? Schedule a trim or a chop and kick off spring feeling like a new version of yourself, rather than your same ol' self in a new pair of shoes. (Need some inspo? This Pinterest board should help!)


  1. Ah i loovee the trousers! They caught my eye straight away oohh i think they'll be my bext purchase as soon as i can find a brittish highstreet version! Your selection is perfection just copped my spring trainers a few days ago and ive been loving them! i dont have a coccon coat :*( but they look so fab with my faux fur one! xo


  2. Hi hun I have to tell you I have done everything on that list this weekend got my hair cut made a few long term purchases that I could wear for every occasion with a change up of the jacket or heels.
    Also I had a date night with the hubster which is rare, I refreshed my make up and topped up my pamper session bag. I am feeling very productive. Next big thing is the eye brow wax.

    Enjoy spring my fave time of the year