Friday, March 20, 2015


The weather might still be asking us to believe otherwise, but TODAY marks the official start of spring. One can rely on many tropes to discuss what spring means—new beginnings and all that—but we all know that it is really just a torturous slog of rainy or lukewarm days that serve only as a countdown to summer. That's how I feel anyway.

And that's not so great, is it? I hate the idea that certain times of the year, or the week are only thought of something that must be endured before the reward. Refusing to enjoy spring just because it isn't summer yet is a fantastic way to let your life pass you by. And yet—I totally fall into the trap. Every work day is one step closer to Saturday; each month is just inching you slowly towards August.

Anyway—I'm ready to say goodbye to all that, and the best way I know how to start is with music. Taking a fresh look at dating or changing up your look for the season? Just trying to find a little joy on a Tuesday? Start with a great soundtrack.

I'm optimistically calling this playlist SPRING FEVER in hopes that the songs remind me to be present, and enjoy the fact that—technically at least—it is no longer winter. Soon enough there will be young, bright green leaves on the trees, flowers springing from the earth, and down coats banished to under-the-bed storage. That's reason enough to feel a little feverish, is it not?

Most of the songs on this mix are quite new (including a few recycled MWMM picks), but you know I can never resist including a throwback or two. Press play... And get out there.

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