Friday, March 6, 2015


I'm sorry to report I'm coming up slightly short for this week's round up of awesome links. There were no llamas on the loose, and only one wild octopus. There's a dash of decor, a great piece on dating and some dreamy shots of ski jumping—plus weed intel and where-to-drink advice. Enjoy, and have a great weekend! Happy Friday!
Not to brag but SUN VALLEY WAS NAMED ONE OF AMERICA'S TOP 10 SKI TOWNS by Forbes. Huzzah! 
This darling Domino feature on AMY STONE'S 450-FOOT WEST VILLAGE APARTMENT is giving me major design inspiration. 
Thanks to New York magazine, we have a new explination for why dating in your 20s is so hard. HIS BOYFRIEND MUSCLE IS BROKEN. Let this guy explain it and see what you think. 
After watching the ski jump in Lake Placid, I find THIS 'SKIHOPP' VIDEO FROM NOWNESS even cooler. It's meditative and astounding at the same time. 
The Seattle Aquarium would like you to know that even though it looks like THIS HUGE OCTOPUS JUST WANTS TO BE FREE, he's really just "exploring" his enviornment. Right...
The next time your parents try to tell you not to smoke because pot is stronger now than it was in the 1960s, tell them to read THIS ARTICLE FROM THE ATLANTIC ABOUT MARIJUANA POTENCY.
Also, it's still freezing out, so say thank you to TimeOut for rounding up THE COZIEST BARS IN NYC for us. Ugh, #March.

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  1. I love your weekly roundup!! I always love The Cut, but appreciate your diverse range of sources, from The Atlantic to Forbes.