Thursday, March 26, 2015


Last summer, I had a near-consistent argument with a couple of my girlfriends over the style merits of the Adidas 'Adilette' pool slide trend. I was all for it—as I love any trend that eschews heels and embraces comfort (hello, slip-on kicks). My friends maintained that the flat, wide sandals (and their fashion-forward cousins from Zara, Loeffler Randall, Alexander Wang and more) are decidedly not feminine and definitely not sexy.

They're totally right—but with another summer season approaching, the trend shows no sign of slowing. Hate all you want, but along with Birkenstocks, the pool slide is here to stay (a little longer, at least). Last year, I listened to my girlfriends because they're smart and beautiful and have great taste. I resisted the call of that molded footbed and simple slide silhouette...

But no longer! I can't pretend I do not wish to spend the warmer months this year traipsing around New York (and beyond) in a pair of $30 plastic sandals. I do. I really, really do. I'm dipping a toe in the trend, so to speak, with the Adilette. But, there are quite a few brands remixing this classic sporty design in ways that are a little less "I just came from soccer practice and am about to hit the communal locker room" and a little more "I just wear these on the roof at Soho House."

DV by Dolce Vita and Kate Spade have paired-down the look with slim soles and a sleeker mule strap for those who are afraid to go full-middle school, while Marc Jacobs and Vince have maintained the Adidas-inspired bulk but added their own colorful prints and luxe crocodile embossing, respectively.

Listen: I am not denying that this is kind of a silly trend, and one that will likely cause me to look back at the inevitable view-from-above Instagrams with pangs of regret in like 2 years. However, I love how they look now paired with everything from swingy mini-dresses to slouchy trousers or cutoff denim shorts. I certainly won't look as lovely or feminine as my girlfriends who will no doubt be sporting a strappy sandal or a bit of a heel when the temps finally rise—but hot damn I'll be comfortable. 


  1. I am VERY excited about this. Always wanted them as a 7th grader - now I may have my opportunity!

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