Friday, February 13, 2015


As you're reading this, I'm gathering a car full of friends, revving the engine and packing the trunk of a Tahoe full of winter wear—I'm off to Lake Placid. It supposed to be absolutely freezing, like, below freezing, below zero, below everything COLD. Hence, I took myself down to the Burton store in Soho for extra-warm layers (this and these) and some snazzy socks, too. While I can't offer you fleece and wool to keep you warm this weekend, I can offer you some delightful Internet entertainment to keep your brain warm. Or something. Anyway, enjoy and see you back here Tuesday!
You guys know how much I love Niagara. You know how much I love winter adventures. Well, this video of WILL GADD ICE CLIMBING UP NIAGARA is the ultimate winter adventure and absolutely amazing and terrifying. 
I loved Serial. You loved Serial. Even ALL THESE COOL CELEBRITIES LOVED SERIAL. Vanity Fair got them to talk about it on video and it's pretty great.
New York fashion scenester LAUREL PANTIN QUIT NYC FOR CAPE TOWN, South Africa. She shared a piece of her decision (part of an ongoing series) with Refinery 29.
50 SHADES OF BUSCHEMI is honestly probably more interesting than the whole of the 50 Shades of Grey movie will be. And obviously much more hilarious.
According to this video and (national treasure-worthy) gif from Gawker, TAYLOR SWIFT IS FORCING JAY-Z INTO BRUNCH. She says "Brunch!" a bunch of times, he fake smiles, and then she turns for a we're cool now photo opp with Kanye. Only at the Grammys, people.
I created 3 excellent VALENTINE'S DAY GIFT GUIDES ON STYLE GIRLFRIEND, so if you need some creative ideas to treat your sweetheart, go check 'em out!
"Why would you ever choose to be with someone who isn't excited to be with you?" Mark Manson is at it again, this time taking on dating advice with THE LAW OF FUCK YES OR NO.

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