Friday, February 6, 2015


Did this feel like the longest of all long weeks for anyone else? I think I've been waiting for today for like a month and a half. Anyway, despite this work week being a bit of a drag, it was a great week on the Internet. I've rounded up some hilarious videos, some inspiring Susan Miller horoscope vibes and even a "long read" about Tinder. Go on, get your read on—happy weekend!

I'm sure someone has sent this to you to watch already, but it's worth sharing WILL FERRELL, KEVIN HART & JIMMY FALLON'S LIP SYNC BATTLE because it's so damn funny. 
Oh, and this SAVED BY THE BELL reunion is too good to miss. #friendsforever. 
I'm not sure this article from The Cut actually reveals THE REAL REASON WOMEN FREEZE THEIR EGGS, but it touches on a lot of the issues and emotional struggles that modern, young, professionally-minded women face on an almost daily basis.  
One of my favorite things about spending time in Sun Valley is the night sky. Out there you just have to wait until it is dark to see what feels like the whole universe reveal itself above you—stars and planets and more stars. But 99 percent of the US population lives in light polution now. And so The Atlantic asks in this video, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MILKY WAY?  
Amanda sent me this link to Glamour's video series of SUSAN MILLER HOROSCOPES FOR 2015. You know you want to know. 
Because Valentine's Day is next week and dating can really be the worst, Gawker says, TINDER IS DEAD. (But like, is it?) 
This Tumblr, FLY / ART, combines hip hop and classic art. It's pretty amazing, kind of NSFW and definitely not appropriate for young children who know how to read.

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  1. Loved the lip sync battle! seriously hilarious!
    P.S. think you would adore the Leather Shorts and Leopard heels look we shared on the blog today!
    xo, Jennifer
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