Thursday, January 29, 2015


Room Revamp Inspired By Matisse

Behold: Another element of my New Year's resolution to take better care of myself! As you may or may not know, I dwell in a lovely little apartment in the East Village, and more specifically, in a tiny, windowless bedroom in said apartment.

Believe it or not, I've grown to love my little den, but even after 2.5 years of tinkering, it lacks a certain joie d'esprit, if you know what I mean. I have vintage family photos hung as well as personal, small art prints from my girl Inslee and gauzy lace curtains that almost create the illusion of a window. It's cozy and quiet, but an effort to keep things simple created a lack of color and character. 

And so, I've decided to invest in my space, and really make it my own. I've decided to keep everything blue and white to maintain the simplicity but add dimension and richness. First, I replaced my beloved but drab beige sheets with white sateen Egyptian cotton, and my all-white duvet with a blue and white toile print (plus two matching shams) from Pottery Barn (currently on sale, I might add!). This made a dramatic difference since 70 percent of my room is bed. 

Next, I purchased two poster-size art prints by Matisse (Nu Bleu I and Nu Bleu III). My plan is to hang them side-by-side on my largest wall, over my bed. I'm so excited about these—they're simple, striking and feminine. 

On my to-do for the next couple of months (financing a complete room overhaul all at once is not always feasible) is to find a couple of blue-and-white accent pillows for the bed, and to replace my natural wood dresser with this simple South Shore 5-drawer white dresser. (And then hopefully jazz that up with replacement drawer pulls!)

HOT TIP: My favorite way to change things up instantly and with minimal cost is to buy extremely cheap frames from Bed, Bath & Beyond or some such place and then spray paint them. I turned a set of boring black frames matte gold last year before hanging them on a gallery wall and it made all the difference in the world. 


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  1. Nice tip! I like to do the same with Ikea frames :)

    I´ve never been a huge Matisse fan but there´s something bout the vibrant blues in his paintings that always get me! Great inspo!