Friday, January 30, 2015


It occurred to me today that I really look forward to putting together this post each week. I start the draft on Monday, and by the end of Thursday I'm quite proud of all the fun, interesting, enlightening, silly and beautiful things I've collected. I hope you guys are enjoying this weekly catchup as much as I am, and without further ado, here we go... [PS It's kind of a long one this week, I guess I was particularly invested in the happenings of the world.]
As you may have read, C. Wonder filed for bankruptcy and has shuttered it's online as well as brick-and-mortar stores. THE NEW YORK TIMES INTERVIEWED CHRIS BURCH to get his side of why his "revenge retail" (as it was coined) was such a colossal failure. 
I tried curling my hair with a straightener (a la Stone) and it was only kind of successful. Then I found this excellent, detailed, easy to understand tutorial for lob styling from Lauren Conrad's stylist Kristin Ess (over at The Beauty Department). It's cool, not too curly, and I must have it. Behold, LOB STYLING WE CAN ACTUALLY DO. (Also I'm going to modify my cut to this long in front, short in back chop as soon as is humanly possible.) 
I have yet another amazing podcast for you guys: TED RADIO HOUR FROM NPR. They adapt TED talks on similar subjects for radio, adding interviews with the experts and weaving the different talks together in a way that is so interesting.  
There's been a lot of buzz over Boyhood this awards season, and I'm saddling up to finally watch it this weekend. But before that (and in the midst of it at times) was Richard Linklater's Before Sunrise (and Before Sunset, and Before Midnight, most recently). The first of the trilogy had it's 20th anniversary this week, and there's A LOVE LETTER TO BEFORE SUNRISE in The Atlantic that you should read. If you haven't seen the films, well, you have your homework for the weekend. 
Also from The New York Times... THIS
The #Blizzardof2015 was a bust. We, the people of New York, are still feeling all the disappointment that this letdown has brought on. THERE'S A SCIENCE TO OUR SADNESS, but on the bright side, THESE NYC SNOW DAY PICTURES from Vanity Fair are terrific—some look like they're from another era. 
Another one bites the dust... Along with C. Wonder and Piperlime, KATE SPADE SATURDAY AND JACK SPADE ARE SHUTTERING. Kate Spade's less expensive weekend-themed line was just two years old. 
If you need a fun brain game, try this NAMING THE NEXT BORDERING STATE GAME in which you only have five minutes to complete the puzzle. It's not as easy as it seems... Let me know how well you do! 
Motion sensitive cameras captured the extremely rare (like, there are only 50 of them total) SIERRA NEVADA RED FOX IN YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK. It is very cute. It is also the first time there has been a confirmed sighting of one of these creatures in the park in 100 years. 
Last but not least: THE DAILY SHOW HAS SOME THOUGHTS ABOUT MANSPREADING. (The horrific subway behavior in which men take up way too much room on the bench.) Kristen Schaal feels bad for the men, and this video will show you why. 


  1. Taylor, I look forward to your weekly round-ups every Friday now! I've been following your blog for a long time, since before you moved to NYC, and it's one of the few blogs that I still follow after all this time because I think you have great taste! Thanks for being such a genuine and fun Internet presence - love your content!