Friday, January 16, 2015


One element of my New Year's resolution to take more and better care of myself is to take better care of my blog, too. A small idea I had was to create a more solidified editorial calendar, so both you and I know (at least sort of) what's on deck each week. Admittedly, I haven't nailed down every day of the week, but your Wednesday Mid-Week Music Moment is still golden, and for now, I'm going to see how we like a little bit of a roundup post on Fridays.

I am a bit of a voracious consumer of Internet content, as are many of my friends. Our gchat conversations are as much the tossing back and forth of links as they are idle conversations about dating, the temperature in my office and the weather at that exact specific moment outside my window. Hence, I'm going to be sharing my favorite web-based finds of the week right here, starting ...NOW!

I've been sharing this article on THE SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING A FUCK with everyone. While it's of course tinged with humor and an aggressive use of the F word, Mark Manson lays down some seriously mantra-level knowledge here. Bookmark it, and bring it on, 2015! 
If you're not having NOON PACIFIC delivered to your inbox every week, you're doing something wrong. Luckily, that's what I'm here for. 
As you hopefully read on Monday, I was utterly obsessed with EMMA STONE'S GOLDEN GLOBES HAIR. Harper's Bazaar shared the how-to + and now I've got  major weekend inspiration. 
Over the weekend I started following a bunch of new Instagram accounts. Half are cool, outdoorsy Northwest photographers like JONTAYLORSWEET and IANANDREWNELSON. The other half are really cute dogs like PS.NY and EMWNG
This link to my Tumblr where you can listen to repeat-worthy and super-elusive bonus track NEW ROMANTICS BY TAYLOR SWIFT as often as you please is really important. At last to me. 
Need something to do this weekend? Still looking for a New Year's Resolution? Let's all try THE KONMARI METHOD of tidying up, organizing and cleaning out the closet—and then talk about it.
Did you read this Modern Love piece in The New York Times, TO FALL IN LOVE WITH ANYONE, DO THIS? It's great food for thought and even better fodder for your next Tinder date.
It is very cold. We all need these 12 ALCOHOLIC DRINKS TO STAY WARMER AND TIPSIER through the winter, via Food52. (This article on how to MAKE A TODDY WITHOUT A RECIPE is particularly inspiring...)

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  1. I found the NYT's article so interesting too! I really want to give it a go, but some of those questions are hard and really make you think. xo, Amanda