Wednesday, December 17, 2014


This week instead of posting a new song for you to digest and judge, I thought I'd take a stab at one of those end-of-the-year roundups. I have posted and shared a lot of Mid-Week Music Moments since January, but truly, they barely skimmed the surface of my favorite songs of 2014. 

I scoured my Spotify playlists to find the songs I liked best that came out this year . There are new (to me) artists like Ryn Weaver, Dan Croll and Broods, as well as new music from older favorites like La Roux, Alt-J, Kendrick Lamar and Haim. Hell, even Ariana Grande made the list.

This was actually sort of challenging because to be honest, because I got sick of a lot of these songs many months ago. I'm a chronic "put it on repeat" listener, and will listen to a track until I can't stand it any longer. However, I knew it was important to overcome my over-saturation and remember what made me so crazy about those songs in the first place. 

I wanted to keep the genres broad, and narrowing down this list would have been pretty difficult—so this playlist is rather long. It starts with upbeat electro and electro-pop favorites, moves into a little folk (The Barr Brothers, George Ezra) then moves into a little hip-hop and R&B with Pharrell, Childish Gambino and last but certainly not least... D'Angelo, who released his first album in almost 15 years just this week. 

Go forth and play... Here are my favorite songs of 2014:

*And, let's not ignore the elephant in the playlist: this roundup is obviously devoid of one critical 2014 artist: Taylor Swift. As you know, she took all her music off Spotify, so that's a shame but unavoidable—"Style" and "Blank Space" are hands-down two of my favorite songs of the year.


  1. I love it - but you definitely had me at Monument. What a brilliant song.


    Rach xxx

  2. Great songs!