Thursday, November 13, 2014


On Tuesday night, friends of Lulu Frost (and it's founder, Lisa Salzer) gathered at 20th and Broadway to celebrate the launch of the brand's first brick and mortar shop. There was champagne, plenty of bling and even New York's most Instagram-famous dog was trotting around making friends wherever she went.

Part of the fun of the evening was that guests could create their own custom Plaza piece. On hand to help us choose our charms was a numerologist—with a set of tarot cards. I've never dealt much with either, but I was eager to see if I had a "lucky number." Each person's special number is actually called a "life path number," and is found using your birth date. (Calculate yours here.)

As I wrote in this post a while back, I was not always keen on horoscopes and the role of the stars and universe in our day-to-day lives. However, after deciding that I was more of a Libra than a Scorpio, and investigating that sign, I've found a lot of parallels and truths in regards to my own life. Anyway, when I sat down with the numerologist and she did some quick math, she showed me that my "life path number" is 7.

She pulled out the different tarot cards that corresponded to my number: The Chariot, pulled by two different sphinxes, symbolizes victory but also pull in two different directions to arrive there. The Seven of Wands represents creativity, and the hurdles you may have to overcome to accomplish your goals. The Seven of Cups is all about figuring out what you want in life, and the difficulty of chasing after things that may not ultimately make you happy. The Pentacle symbolizes waiting and patience—emphasizing that reaching for the fruits of your labor before they are ripe can be harmful.

For more reasons than I can or should recount here, this reading gave me a lot to think about. I mentioned to the numerologist that I had just turned 29, and that this birthday was weighing on me more heavily than most, and that I was feeling anxious for change, but unsure what that change might be. She related something very interesting back to me, that I had never heard before. It takes Saturn 29.5 years to make it's full rotation back to the exact place in the sky it was when we were born—this is called Saturn Return. When it does, a person is said to experience a major shift—and enter to the next stage of their life. The first Saturn return is believed to be the transition from youth to maturity, and occurs between the ages of 28 and 31. How about that?

I'm certainly not alone in my late-20s panic. We all go through it, don't we? And I think it's very interesting to think that our anxiety around turning 30 isn't only brought on by the prospect of beginning a new decade and leaving our wild-but-wonderful 20s behind. The Saturn Return suggests that the stars and planets have a say in it, too. Looking at this time as a "shedding of skin," as the numerologist called it, is much more appealing than a "third-of-life crisis," no?

More than any other time in my life, I actually feel empowered by both my age and my place in the world—as uncertain as it may be. I don't miss being 24 one bit. I am certain that while my life, my career and my personal relationships are all in rather pointed states of transition, I am growing into the person that can handle these changes and take advantage of what they might bring. And with a lucky number 7 around my neck, I'm feeling all the more ready.

Do you believe in astrology, lucky numbers and horoscopes?

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