Monday, November 24, 2014


Thanksgiving Outfit Idea

I have but two words for you when it comes to Thanksgiving attire: fancy sweats.

This is my mantra, my ideal, and my plan for Turkey Day. A couple of weeks ago I picked up a great pair of shiny black joggers from Zara (very similar to these, from J. Crew, which come in a rainbow of wearable colors) that sort of feel like baggy spandex. If you don't know the feeling, I really recommend it. As you can imagine, a pair of pants with a relaxed silhouette but a sort of dressy sheen are just the ticket for "dressing up" something super comfortable for a holiday that centers around eating. This is the easiest way to look nice, feel amazing, eat everything—what more could you want?

Since I'll be celebrating with friends here in the city rather than at home with my family, it's definitely a "come as you are" feast—but I want to look at least a little bit festive. My go-to with a pair of joggers like these is usually a silk (or just silky) blouse with a relaxed fit that I can give a little half-tuck in the front and be done with it. For cooking I'll go barefoot, and for dinner I can just slip on my favorite pair of black suede pumps from Aldo (they have a really good vamp). Bracelets and rings are cumbersome for cooking, so a fun pair of earrings or my fav new Lulu Frost necklace should do the trick.

If tradition has anything to say about it, Thanksgiving will be freezing. Personally, I'll be wearing my new Tibi coat that I scored at their sample sale last week. But, all you really need is a great overcoat you can throw on and be cozy after your big meal. (Here's a similar style from ASOS, btw.)

It's not a terribly complicated formula, kind of like stuffing from a box: Easy, comforting and still good the next day for leftovers.

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  1. I can attest your joggers are wonderful - looking forward to seeing what you also wear for the game/leftover feast on Friday!