Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Earrings Fall 2014

{ compass rose earrings, Elizabeth and James / 360 stud earrings, (similar) BaubleBar / arrow earrings, Rue Gembon / letter earrings, Maya Brenner / ear cuff, Catbird / heart studs, Jennifer Meyer / code earring, Lulu Frost / stick earrings, Tai / single stud earring, Givenchy / pearl and bee earring, Delfina Delettrez / Paige earrings, Gorjana / Beacon earrings, Lulu Frost }

Ever since I chopped most of my hair off this summer, I've slowly but surely been learning to love earrings again. For longer than I can remember, I've gone mostly bare-lobed, preferring to layer up with necklaces or bracelets instead. However, with this shorter, inherently less-feminine haircut, I've come to greatly appreciate the power of earrings. Oh, and did I mention that I triple-pierced one of my ears back in May? And then got two more in my other ear this weekend? It's safe to say I have an addiction.

The multiple ear-piercing trend has come back majorly thanks to the pervasive 1990s renaissance in fashion this year. Add to that an uptick in personal and dainty jewelry, and you've got an ear-centric #perfectstorm. Mismatched studs, ear cuffs, ear jackets and singular statement earrings have overtaken midi rings as the accessory du jour.

Playing dress up three weekends in a row for #weddingblitz2014 (as I called it) was another reason to embrace earrings again. The dresses I wore were too pretty; I didn't want to overpower them with heavy necklaces—so statement earrings became my new best friend. During the weekdays, I quickly decided I enjoyed wearing them with everything else, too.

Now with the holidays approaching and party season closing in, I'm once again ready to make earrings the focal point of my accessories game. I can already see a pair of Rue Gembon ear jackets like these rad arrows paired with a cozy turtleneck or party dress and a center-parted low ponytail.

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