Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Theophilus London is one of those artists that I've always liked, but I haven't ever really put my finger on a specific song that captures why. (Maybe because he's incredibly stylish and a fashion week frequenter?)

This is that song. There's really nothing extraordinary about "Can't Stop" per se, and Kanye's rap is, you know, standard Kanye (that sounds much more one-dimensional than his latest efforts, frankly). However, the collective vibe of this song is so good. A great beat and a little violin here and there give it depth, and it's something you'd could play while getting ready to go out for the night, or as you settle in for a cozy night at home. I also have a hard time resisting anything that employs finger snapping and background vocals that sound to me like R&B monks. Check out "Can't Stop" below and let me know your thoughts:

Image credit: MR PORTER

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