Wednesday, November 26, 2014


{ An electric reaction in me
It's not a choice to dance dangerously }

My friend Alli introduced me to Haerts a few years ago, but for most of that time, all I've had to go on is a 4-song EP that includes their most well-known songs, "Hemiplegia" and "Wings." Then just last month their first full album dropped, and I realized that they were the opening act for St. Lucia at Terminal 5—to which I had purchased tickets back in August. Serendipitous, I must say.

The concert was last week, and it was phenomenal. I don't love Terminal 5 as a venue, but both Haerts and St. Lucia were able to fill the place with sound, and really own the crowd. Plus, there were confetti cannons. Anyway, I re-fell in love with Haerts, and especially this song (their new single), "Giving Up." (You can watch the music video here.)

Take a listen below and let me know what you think.

A lot of people critique Haerts because their songs tend to sound the same. And while I'd agree, I happen to be okay with it, because I love how they sound. She's got a great voice (she reminds me of a happier version of Banks and Lykke Li), an upbeat vibe and an emotional core that I really dig.

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