Wednesday, November 19, 2014


{ My friends and family - they don't understand
They fear they'll lose so much - if you take my hand }

This song was sent to me by my friend Lauren, and I haven't been able to stop listening to it since. I had never heard of George Ezra (nĂ© George Barnett), but I think he's got the potential to seriously blow up in the coming months. This song, "Budapest" was something of a hit earlier this year, and it totally escaped my radar at the time. It's fun and lovely and a great toe-tapper for the desk on a frigid New York Wednesday. The video is great, and reminds me very much of my morning commute on the L train. 

For more of his music, you can check out one of his EPs on Spotify—but I'm kind of dying for his full album (you can find more of his music and videos on his YouTube channel. His voice is deep, gravely and soulful, and seems to bely more emotional damage than a person that young should have experienced. All the same, he's an extremely enjoyable blend of folk and pop, so I hope you like.

ALSO, for a real treat, check out his video for "Listen to the Man," which features your man Sir Ian McKellen being awesome. 

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