Thursday, November 20, 2014


Drama. Feathers. Fur.

These are the feelings I have about the ensemble that J. Crew's creative director, Jenna Lyons, wore to Solange Knowles' wedding in New Orleans over the weekend. I am obsessed with this, and have now began to deeply consider the sartorial power of a white wedding. Except in this scenario, I would wear something like this, not the (equally cool, to be sure) cape-and-dress combo Solange wore for her big day.

Ms Lyons is no stranger to the dramatic maxi skirt + shirt combo, and I believe this is the same skirt she wore to the Met Gala (with a casual cashmere sweater) in 2011. (She actually wears a shirt and skirt to the Met Gala every year, I am pretty sure.) She is also a master of the brunette-and-red-lip combo, as well as the casual-coat-as-cape move. She has a lot of go-to moves, and a lot of hyphenated styling moments in her arsenal. Here, she uses them all in one dramatic, fantastic outfit. I love it.

*Image credit: The Observer


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