Thursday, October 30, 2014


The truth is, it's been like 70 degrees in New York City for most of October. Bare legs are still a thing, and my tights are still in storage. Halloween is tomorrow. I know I shouldn't look Mother Nature's gift horse in the mouth, because soon enough it will be horrifically cold and daylight savings will plunge us into the dark days until like March. And yet, I'm still kind of pissed because it has been way too hot to wear most of my sweaters—most specifically turtlenecks. With my still-kind-of-new short hair, I've had a lot of fantasies about doing that tucked-in faux-bob thing, and also that thing where you can wear a sweater and a skirt at the same time.

So while I won't jinx myself by wishing the cold weather would arrive sooner, I will happily start my hunt for the perfect turtleneck to get me through the cold months—when they finally come. At the moment I'm on a big neutral kick, and rarely wear anything that isn't white, cream, navy or black. Hence, my favorite knits of the moment fall into those color families, too. I kept most of my selects at about $200 or under, but naturally there are a few luxe choices, too, because cashmere.

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