Sunday, October 26, 2014


One of my favorite things about fall is that slowed-down, cozied-up sensation we all start to feel around mid-October. We start reaching for our sweaters even when it's still just a touch too warm to wear them (at least in NYC) and begin to crave hot cider almost as much as coffee. I like to revel in the ritual of it all—taking in as much of the changing leaves as I can, wearing cashmere socks around the apartment and of course, updating my daily soundtrack to a more seasonal beat.

You already know (I think) that I worship at the alters of Lord Huron and Fleet Foxes this time of year. I tend to treat their albums like the Christmas music of October and November. So, I tried to keep things fresh, and did my best to leave their presence at a minimum on this playlist. 

Most of the music here is new to me, including recently discovered favorites like Lo-Fang, The Barr Brothers, Nick Mulvey and Vancouver Sleep Clinic. The vibe is a mix of indie and folk; songs that are guitar and vocally-driven. You'll find some familiar folks like Vampire Weekend and John Mayer of course, as well as The Swell Season's live cover of "Into The Mystic" by Van Morrison that is just amazing. 

I listen to this a lot on during my morning commute, to keep my L train subway rage at calm simmer, but in my mind, this is a good mix for fireside reading, cozy drinks with friends, cooking dinner and cloudy Sunday afternoons. Maybe even a hike in the woods. Take a listen and get into the seasonal spirit.

*If you want to try out my unedited, lots of artist-repeat playlist (best played on "shuffle") you can check it out here.


  1. Hey! I love following you on Spotify, as you always find my new favorite music (and I too am obsessed with all things Lord Huron). I couldn't find this playlist on your "public" playlists though, am I doing something wrong? (probably, lol)


    1. Hi Jenn! Sorry about that, try this link: