Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I bring to you with reverent hand / All the books and the lullabies
The kind woman that my passion wore / Like the shoreline wears the tides }

I first listened to The Barr Brothers when Moira introduced me to their really terrific song, "Beggar in the Morning." Well, they're out with a new album this week, and it's just the kind of thing we want for fall. Alternative indie music with nice melodies and great guitar strumming characterize their sound, with a pleasing dose of folk and storytelling mixed in. I'm particularly drawn to "Even The Darkness Has Arms," below. Pour yourself a mug of cider this Saturday and put the whole album on while you do a crossword. Or, you know, play it right now while you look at spreadsheets and send emails because it's Wednesday and these sounds will sooth you.

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