Thursday, September 4, 2014


Today is the official kickoff of New York Fashion Week. As we speak, editors, buyers, bloggers and photographers are swarming the streets around Milk Studios and Lincoln Center, buzzing with the excitement of a new season.

I'm taking a pretty laid-back approach to the shows this year, and attending more as the fashion editor of Lifestyle Mirror than the writer of SUILTSOY. You can catch some highlights throughout the week on my Instagram, but as this post from The Cut perfectly highlights, if the photos are blurry, they ain't goin' up

Anyway. The point of #NYFW is the shows and presentations, but as anyone who has attended will tell you, you spend far more time in transit / waiting in line than you do watching models come down a runway. For this reason, it's absolutely essential to have a playlist on hand. And, in case someone on the street asks you what you're listening to and grabs an earbud, it has to be cool. (I will be shelving my non-stop Ariana Grande addiction this week save for one song.)

Starting with the latest releases by The Knocks, Cathedrals and FKA Twigs, my SS15 playlist is full of fresh jams from some of my favorite new artists, as well as a few fashion-vibey-but-slightly-older songs from A$AP Rocky, Bo Saris and Milky. Cue this one up in your Uber and try not to scuff up your "curb to cab" heels.

Also, if you're a normal human and not attending this stylish circus, this is still a killer commuting playlist for traffic situations from the Montlake Bridge to the New Jersey Turnpike. 

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