Thursday, September 11, 2014


I know I haven't been much for posting outfits recently, but with a small crop of new fall goodies in my closet, I couldn't resist a quick snap. I was lucky enough to do a little shopping with my mom at Nordstrom and J. Crew when I was home, and finally got my hands on the Equipment blouse I've been coveting for so long, and a flirty little pleated skirt from J. Crew I've worn no less than six times in the past few weeks. It's hard to see here, but the fit is a little high waisted, and the pleats don't go all the way up—so it lays smooth and flatters my non-existent hips. As for the Vans, I ordered those right quick when I posted this, and so far I am loving them. They're a little rough to break in, but still crazy comfortable.

Of late, I've become pretty obsessed with wearing black, white and navy almost exclusively. Sure, I will come around out of this phase eventually, but at the moment I'm seeing this as a chance to continue building an adult wardrobe of interchangeable essentials and separates that can be worn with prints and brights when I'm feeling inspired.

Anyway, monochromatic and/or mixing black and navy is my new style mantra for fall. What's yours?

[Photo credit: Emily Sher]

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