Tuesday, September 9, 2014


{ Rosie Assoulin Spring/Summer 2015 }

I'm not a proper fashion critic, so coming up with the right words to describe any given collection is not easy. Take this latest offering from new-to-the-scene American designer Rosie Assoulin. In layman's terms, I just love the look of these pieces, and how they are styled together. The outfits are complete and cool. So—forgive my kookie wording—but lets get into this further.

The aesthetic of Assoulin's brand is mostly focused on crisp volume and rich colors, which, though certainly luxe, is ultimately pretty wearable. I found myself walking out of the Tibi show this weekend behind Leandra Medine, who was wearing this Rosie Assoulin top, and I was floored by how elegantly cool she looked—minus the sneakers, which just aren't my thing. The bell sleeves were eye-catching and the off-the-shoulder silhouette is strikingly sexy, but when you pair that much top with simple shorts, the effect is like a cliché "runway to real way" article come to life. 

Anyway, I feel like the tiered red midi skirt above is something I would really and truly wear, could I afford it. What's more, I'd probably just tuck in a white shirt and throw my hair back in a little pony, too. In her presentation, Assoulin is essentially making "runway" and "real way" the same thing. 

So, there we are: It's fanciful and dramatic, but like, can I haz for real

Check out the full collection on style.com.

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