Thursday, August 21, 2014


Zara Home 2

{ 1. Handles Side Table / 2. Cut Glassware / 3. Golden Fruit Bowl / 4. Raised Damask Design Bedding / 5. Floral Cotton Sheet Set / 6. Mercurized Single Candle Stick / 7. Sand Bath Towels / 8. Gardenia Aromatic Candle  / 9. Faux Fur Throw / 10. Flower Detail Flatware }

To me, interest in interiors and home decor is a real sign that you're growing up. Creating a space that reflects your style the same way your wardrobe does is what adults do, right? I think so. While I'm very proud of this mature transition, I do not yet have the budget to create the stylish shoebox apartment of my dreams. I've thought about writing to Ty over at Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to see if he has a soft spot for 20-something white girls in the East Village, but something tells me I'd still be waiting for that reply.

Meanwhile, there's Zara Home. I've found that the high street fashion brand's offering of linens, tablewares and miscellaneous decor items is as great as their Balenciaga "inspired" clothing. I love all of the soft whites and neutrals, and have been thinking about investing in some new stark white bedding, accented with a plush faux-fur throw. And hey, why not a fresh set of ultra-feminine bath towels and some new glassware while I'm at it? (My roommates and I just splurged on this table from Urban Outfitters and we're feeling inspired to make our kitchenette/living/dining room a bit more chic.) Like their apparel, Zara Home's collections are incredibly affordable—allowing you to update your abode on a budget.

Above are just a few of my favorite Zara Home finds of the moment—I dare you not to become addicted!


  1. Love this! I didn't even know Zara had home. This is seriously changing my weekend around, lol.

  2. Lgood