Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Last week I equated shopping for home goods with adulthood. I have to say, I feel the same way about pajamas. I like to imagine that someday I will be living like a Pinterest board, and "adult pajamas" are part of bringing that vision to life. I will wake up Sunday mornings (sans hangover), sunlight pouring into my room, pad to the kitchen barefoot, whip up some pancakes from scratch with a side of French press coffee and the Times crossword—all while wearing these—my hair perfectly disheveled, of course. (This is quite literally the Sleepy Jones lifestyle, by the way.)

As we speak, I'm cozied up in my bed, wearing baggy men's boxer shorts and a t-shirt from my favorite college bar. (Dirtbags, if you must know.) Every night I sleep in some variation on this, and while certainly comfortable, it feels childish. This is not the sleeping attire of the woman I aspire to be—the woman on the Pinterest board. You know how they say you should dress for the job you want? Why shouldn't that apply to bedtime, too? With great pajamas comes great sleep, sweet dreams and extremely luxurious days, I am convinced.

I actually have this cozy, classic sleepshirt from Eberjey, but as you know there are seven nights in a week, and one fabulous piece of pajamas isn't going to get me to this aspirational sleep status. In the same way I started treating myself to nice undies as a post-grad, I think pajamas deserve the same upgrade status. Matched sets! Piping! Monograms! Silk! These are not pajamas that ooze sex appeal and come-hither vibes. These are pajamas that say, "I'm quite cool and sophisticated, gainfully employed, slightly tomboyish and I have excellent taste." That's my style end game both in and out of bed, actually.

While I'm still working on the sunlight-in-my-room thing and the pancake recipe thing and the crossword puzzle thing—the adult pajamas are step one. I am going to dress for the dream, and then start sleeping it.


  1. It's such a nice blog with beautiful pictures.

  2. I found an amazing deal that I thought I would share with you... Target has some PJs for sale right now that are just like the Eberjey Gisele Shorts Sleep Set. They are only $19, and I just bought two pairs and love them. Online you can find them under: Women's Fluid Knit 2 piece pajama set. They don't have as sexy of a name, but for $80 cheaper I am happy :)