Thursday, August 28, 2014


I've always written this blog in the spirit of honesty. There's no room for mistrust and lies here—especially when it comes to the MWMM. And so it is in this spirit that I must confess something to you all: I am loving Ariana Grande's new album. Before you laugh in my face and delete SUILTSOY from your feed, hear me out: I'm not alone. Even the girl at Vulture didn't hate it

Is this serious, seriously good music? No. Is it fantastically catchy pop music with some Mariah-esque vocals, bow-throwing rap interludes and a sample of "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems?" YES. My god, yes it is. Like my truly embarrassing love for Katy Perry's extremely silly "Birthday," my enjoyment of Ariana Grande hinges on the fact that sometimes I just like to bop along to music the way I did when my world revolved around The Spice Girls. Let's just call it a guilty pleasure, okay?

Don't worry though, I haven't gone completely off the deep end—I am as sick of "Problem," as anyone. That song needs to die, and soon. But, I am just not mad at the undeniable ear worm status of Ariana's other summer anthem, "Break Free" (a collaboration with electro/dance whiz Zedd)—that song gets in your head and will not get out. Admittedly, this is evidence that her most fun songs are the ones on which she collaborates with the likes of Childish Gambino, Cashmere Cat and The Weeknd—not Iggy Azalea or Nick Minaj.

So, for a moment, let me ask you to forget about the ponytail. Forget about tween adoration and her past as a Disney Channel starlet. Close your eyes and listen to "Break Your Heart Right Back," below. If you can honestly tell me that this song doesn't make you tap your toes and forget for a second that summer is almost over—then you are a stronger person than I. And, maybe also you can't appreciate some nostalgia for Ma$e and Diana Ross—which is terrible, and I feel sorry for you.

So, there you have it. A musical confession for all the Internet to see. I have shared my biggest guilty pleasure of the summer with you all, and I hope you can understand it.

*If you can't get down with my girl AG, go ahead and check out my close runner-up for this week's MWMM, the amazing "Go," by Grimes featuring Blood Diamonds. Apparently she wrote this song for Rihanna, but it seems like it was a great move to hold onto it. Watch the trippy and crazy-cool video, too, here. [And note that she's wearing Adidas pool slides—how "normcore."]


  1. This is a good album! I have listened to it a few times straight through no skips!

  2. LOVE this album! x