Monday, July 28, 2014


{ The MakesSpace team made my storage look really chic. }

If there's one thing that most New York apartments lack, it's storage. Right, okay and washing machines and disposals, but I digress. Without proper storage, we young folks resort to all kinds of ridiculous methods of hiding our off-season clothes and belongings—my personal favorite being multiple suitcases and weekend bags under my bed. While somewhat effective, this method of storage is ultimately problematic and frankly, juvenile.

Enter: MakeSpace. In a phrase, MakeSpace is doing for storage what Uber has done for riding in the backseat of a car driven by someone else. To help spread the word about their recent collaboration with Goodwill, Makespace offered me the opportunity to test out their service and make a super-easy (and sizeable) donation to Goodwill.

If you could see the collective amount of coats, scarves and boots the three of us roommates have been hoarding under our beds here on Avenue A, you'd understand why I thought that Valerie from MakeSpace might have been an angel on Earth.

I scheduled our pick-up and the MakeSpace team dropped off four bins to fill, plus a donation bag from Goodwill so large that Santa himself might have had a hard time getting it down the stairs. We worked for about 20 minutes to fill the bins with fur coats, down jackets, and snow boots—while they waited downstairs to retrieve everything.

And just like that, in under 30 minutes and for $25 a month, (split between the three of us, huzzah!) our fall and winter things are gone, and our apartment feels so much lighter. Like my hair, actually.

Cool, easy, affordable and doing good—who ever thought those words would describe a storage company? Learn a little more for yourself here, and check out this very fancy gif below:

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