Thursday, July 10, 2014


Late one Thursday night at the end of June, five friends and I took off from Manhattan for Ocean City, New Jersey. Armed with minimal base tans and plenty of tequila, we were ready for a long weekend of beach days, game nights and daily hoagies from the WaWa.

I sort of hate the cliche concept of a "girls trip," but that's exactly what it was, and it was exactly what we needed. No agenda, no makeup and a lot of laughing.

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{ Old Navy men's shirt / Birkenstock sandals (love the white) / Ray-Ban shades }

I am firmly in the camp that there is no better (or sexier) beach coverup than a man's white shirt. While I'm certainly not looking my sexiest here, I love that all it takes is a couple of buttons and a roll of the sleeves to achieve an easy, undone beach-going outfit. This one is just a slim-fit oxford from Old Navy, which, for less than $30, is hard to beat.

{ Lexi and I in our typical beach day attire, carrying those essential folding chairs... }

I mentioned in my beach weekend essentials post that I was kind of obsessed with my new Panama Jack hat that I picked up for $12 at Harmon on 6th Avenue. With the strong shore winds and beating sun, I couldn't have been happier to have this sturdy, wide-brim hat (that even has a nerdy-meets-handy chin strap).

{ Gotta love all those colorful umbrellas }

On Saturday afternoon we returned from the beach, poured ample glasses of rosé, broke out the Brooklyn Summer Ale and played a few rounds of croquet in the backyard. And by a few rounds, I mean that we each took a few turns and eventually decided the game was taking too long, and the mosquitos were feeling a bit too frisky.

{ Amanda, Lexi, Jess, me & Rachel (Tully was behind the camera) } 

{ Tequila, soda, muddled cucumbers and strawberries, lime juice and a cayenne rim. }

{ A big thanks to Drive The District & GM for providing our sweet wheels! }

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