Friday, June 20, 2014


I knew this day would come. For everyone in their mid-to-late twenties, this day comes. The day when you look at your summer schedule and realize that you've entered the years when you're no longer in control of your vacation schedule. Your plans are now controlled (lovingly!) by the parade of weddings, rehearsals, engagement parties and showers your friends and family members have (lovingly!) invited you to attend.

I knocked one (wonderful!) wedding off my list in May, and between mid-July and mid-August I have three more (one as a bridesmaid), plus three rehearsal dinners. That means five different events where a dress of my choosing is required. Doubling up is a must, and choosing from what I've already got is, too. But that still means I'm in the market for a couple new frocks and accessories to get through the season. 

Whether you've got one wedding or six on your docket, you obviously want to look amazing. And with gift registries and travel expenses adding up, you're probably not looking to splurge on multiple designer dresses, shoes and cute little clutches. Neither am I.

If we're going to (lovingly!) drag ourselves across the country and beyond for our nearest and dearest, we might as well talk it out together, right? This post is as much for me as it is for you, as I have yet to successfully and stylishly budget my way through all these events. So click it on through below to check out my best wedding guest style tips and some shopping inspiration, of course.


1. You don't want to look like the forgotten bridesmaid. Find out what color(s) the wedding party is wearing and choose something very different or go with a print. This time of year I'd also steer clear of black because, well, you have the other nine months of the year to wear it. Personally, I love the easy glamour of wearing a long dress to a wedding ('cause you can get away with flats), but they aren't that easy to dance in. Below are some of my favorite long and short options under $200.

2. The stacked heel is your friend. So is the wedge. A more substantial sandal is just the thing to get you through five hours of ceremonies, dinner and dancing. Additionally, sticking with neutral hues and metallics ensures every shoe goes with (almost) every dress and you can mix-and-match again and again. Plus, if you keep it simple, these are also the sandals that will look killer with your boyfriend jeans day-to-day.

3. This is one occasion where your bag is just not that important. It's going to be sitting on that table or hanging off your chair all night while you dance and chat and flirt and dance some more. Carry something you already have, or invest in something timeless you can keep wearing (lovingly!) to weddings for years to come.

4. With jewelry, treat yourself to something delightful and costume-y from an affordable brand like BaubleBar or J. Crew—or borrow some heirlooms from your mom. Weddings are a great excuse to play with statement pieces and layer on a little extra sparkle.

All this said—read. that. invite. The location, the venue, the time of day and the formality of the invite itself will tell you everything you need to know about the dress code. Beach weddings feel different than country clubs, and church weddings are different than those in the middle of a field. When in doubt, air on the side of dressy.

Lastly—don't get too drunk. Drink a glass of water with every cocktail at the open bar. Don't spend the whole night taking photos (they hired a photographer for that). Don't wear a lipstick you'll have to excuse yourself to tipsily reapply five times throughout the night. Meet as many handsome strangers as you can and try not to get cake on your dress. Oh, and never be too cool for the conga line.

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  1. I love your advice, you want to look nice but not over done and not as you said the "forgotten bridesmaid"!