Monday, June 23, 2014


Ocean City 2014

This weekend my friends and I are off to Ocean City, New Jersey for a much-needed long weekend. There will be no restaurants, no bars—just cooking and drinking at home, with beach days and bike riding and swimming in between. It's my first beach getaway of the season, and I'm practically jumping out of my desk in anticipation.

Ocean City is an extremely laid-back, quite little town, and our destinations pretty much include the shore, the Wawa, the grocery store and the house. Blessedly, that means there just isn't that much to pack.

For the beach, I'm going to be wearing this amazing and gigantic straw hat I picked up at Harmon last week from Panama Jack (you guys, it was $12) and a men's white shirt over a simple bikini. I'll be reading a borrowed copy of The World According To Garp (It comes highly recommended, have you guys read it?) and listening to a forthcoming playlist (hooray!) on a convenient little Jambox.

Back at the house, I see no reason to wear anything but super-comfortable maxi dresses, like my new favorite from Zara (that's now on sale, by the way), or a pair of cutoff denim shorts.

If only every trip was this easy to pack for, right?


  1. I love that maxi dress! I am a maxi dress junkie! I

  2. great picks x

  3. Love the maxi dress! Really really cute!

  4. I really love those levi shorts, and the maxi dress!

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