Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I've gotten a fair amount of requests lately to bring back some menswear content to SUILTSOY. As you may or may not know, I've been doing that professionally on the regular over at Lifestyle Mirror, but I thought it would be fun to revisit here. I'm not super hip to my demographics so I don't know how many dudes are actually reading this, which means feel free to chime in if you want more or less of this in the future.

I thought I'd kick things off with a simple concept: Blue—the most essential color in a man's wardrobe. Obviously, this hue never really goes away, but it's currently enjoying a moment in the on-trend spotlight. I've long been partial to navy, but pops of royal blue, cerulean and turquoise add a fresh variety for summer. As for wearing it? The answer is this: wear it all, all together, all the time.

Inspired by our man James Bond over here, I rounded up a few of my favorite unfussy, easy-wearing blue pieces to inspire your style this season.

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The Short Sleeve Shirt: It is hilarious to me how much I used to hate this style of shirt, and how much I love it now. After seeing guys in New York rocking them with slim-cut jeans and sneakers I realized they're a pretty essential part of your summer wardrobe. I have quite a few favorites—but a chambray version from J. Crew is essential and should be at the top of your list. Bonobos' striped shirt is so light and fresh-feeling, and a great way to add some color if a floral shirt like the one below from Neighborhood is too bold. (Even though it isn't.)

The Shorter, Slimmer Shorts: This is something I'm really trying to sell on just about every guy I know, with only moderate success. Yes, a 7-inch inseam might feel aggressive but it looks great. If that number freaks you out that's okay, but I wouldn't go even a leg hair longer than 9 inches—and stay far away from anything baggy. When it comes to swim trunks all I can say is: Come on now, men. Women are out there showing nearly every inch of themselves at the beach, the least you can do is let us see some of that thigh. (On that note, I especially love the sleek look of French brand Mackeene's BEE5 shorts.)

The Accessories: Bring on even more blue. Chambray Vans? Yes. Blue dial Shinola watch? Definitely. Navy canvas weekender with leather details?  Have to have it. Leather hook bracelet from Miansai? A great finishing touch.

The beauty of everything pictured below is that you could wear it all at once (almost) and it would still look fantastic. A monochromatic approach to dressing is modern, and with blue, it couldn't be easier. 

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