Thursday, June 19, 2014


You don't really know the value of a great haircut until you get one. This is something I only learned last week—and I'm 28 years old.

I have had long hair my whole life—long, straight, naturally milk chocolate brunette hair. Over a year ago I wrote about my issues with "hair envy," and my admittedly obsessive attitude about what my hair says about who I am. In that post, I mentioned my adoration of the long bob—as well as my fear of instant "chopper's remorse," as I call it. I was at an impasse.

And so until a few weeks ago, I clung to my fear and my assurance that long hair was a safety net I couldn't part with. Even after witnessing so many women (bloggers, celebrities, et al) chop their hair off and proclaim how great they felt—I still felt like I could never be one of them. If this all sounds a touch dramatic, brace yourself for what's coming.

My change of heart happened seemingly overnight. One day I woke up, showered, and as I stood lazily but laboriously blow drying my hair in the mirror it hit me: Eff this. I was truly ready for something new, even if it meant abandoning my fool-proof long locks. I began meticulously combing Pinterest, searching for realistic inspiration of a shorter 'do I could actually pull off.

{ Just a few of the inspiration images I found... }

Then, like a trick of fate, the ladies at Lauren + Vanessa invited me to come down to the Financial District and check out their salon and get a little summer makeover. I'm nothing if not an opportunist, and knew this was a sign that I should stop clinging to all those fears and take that shoulder-skimming leap.

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I arrived at the open, loft-like space on Nassau street rather breathless after a stressful day at the office. Immediately I was greeted by Lauren (bright smile and even brighter blonde pixie cut) and Vanessa (perfect cat eye, Rogue-like highlights) who escorted me past their cozy living room-like sitting area (with Qui Etes-Vous, Polly Maggoo? playing on the big screen) to a styling chair. When the question of color came up I paused only briefly. I've never colored my hair before (save for one traumatic encounter with Sun-In at age 13). However, at Lauren's suggestion I decided to test the waters with some subtle highlights. When in Rome, right?

After the chopping and foiling and toning was completed (about three hours later!), I couldn't quite believe how happy I felt. Looking at yourself in the mirror feeling completely different and even more yourself at the same time is really something. Is this the haircut I was always meant to have? Why did I wait so long to take a risk that felt so good? Who even remembers what choppers remorse is?

I think hair is a very powerful part of identity—and can drastically affect the way you think of yourself as well as how others perceive you. Like the clothes you wear, your hair can be like armor. It can also be like lingerie. It can be like your favorite sneakers or a little black dress. With a truly great haircut, it can be any these things whenever you please.

Over a week later, I'm still reeling. I feel more stylish, confident and even a little sexier. A literal and figurative weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and the lightness is one I've never experienced. As I said before, I'm aware of how melodramatic this sounds, but I can't help it. My haircut has done more to boost my daily happiness than anything in my usual bag of tricks, and naturally I can't imagine going forward in life without always having a haircut this good. Like I said, I didn't know, but now I know.

Do you have an emotional attachment to your hair or are you more of an experimenter? Have you ever had a haircut that changed your life? Let's discuss.

*I received a complimentary haircut and color from Lauren + Vanessa, but this is not a sponsored post. 


  1. 1. Your hair looks awesome, very flattering. More pics, please!
    2. I've completely cut mine off 3 times. I usually let it grow to roughly waist length, cut it and donate it. I've done Locks of Love in the past, Pantene beautiful lengths is another program, and Pink Hearts of Hope.

    I'm trying to think of a way to say this without a negative tone, but the new cut seems more age appropriate?

    And to anyone else considering it, hair grows back. And worst case scenario there's always extensions.

    1. Thank you! (More photos soon, I promise!) It's really inspiring to hear that you've donated your hair three times, that is incredible! And, yes, more age-appropriate is spot-on. I know plenty of ladies in their late 20s with long, long hair, but I do feel a bit more polished and grown up now. Thanks for your thoughts! xx

  2. Wow! Your hair looks ah-mazing... I always feel like a new woman when I get a good hair cut. It is amazing to me the confidence that can bring.

  3. I REALLY like the hair! I can't wait to get my highlights done! Something new is always good!

  4. You look sooooooo GREAT.
    loved your long hair, and now this is so fresh and cool on you.

  5. look at that beautiful 'do! you'd be hard pressed to have any haircut that didn't look amazing on you, girl. love the shorter locks though!