Monday, May 12, 2014


{ Chic, no? }

I wanted to kick off the week by sharing a jewelry trend that has me head-over-heels at the moment. I am wildly, compulsively obsessed with these simple, modern collar necklaces. You could call it a choker, but it's not quite that.

Anyway, I wrote a whole long story about them over on Lifestyle Mirror, but couldn't resist doubling up and waxing poetic a little bit here, too. To me, these necklaces are like the long bob of jewelry. They're fresh, unfussy and cool. And while I've been teetering on the brink of chopping my hair off for like, a year, I'm going to embrace this trend without hesitation. I've been wearing my Zara double pearl collar necklace too much lately, and am craving something similar but a little less showy, like Jules Smith's Americana choker. I'm already imaging wearing it with absolutely everything, but most especially breezy, low-cut maxi dresses and even my swimsuit at the beach, layered with pendants and delicate chains.

You can go really high and really low with this trend, which is great. Below, I found options from Aurelie Biddermann (high) and BaubleBar (fabulously low), as well as Jennifer Fisher, TopShop and BCBG.

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