Wednesday, May 28, 2014


{ But it's just a sweet, sweet fantasy, baby }

I noticed this week that our beloved Mariah Carey has released her 14th studio album. Now, that is impressive. But for all the applause we can afford her for continuing to make music, we all know in our hearts that it's the Mariah of yore who we long for. She's the one who defined our adolescence and like, let's be honest, high school, too. 

Like most of you (I assume), I am a die-hard, unapologetic Mariah 1.0 fan. As it turns out, so are some of the editors over at Vulture. They just wrote a pretty funny and accurate list of Mariah's 25 best singles of all time, most of which I am in complete agreement with. We can't deny the catchy power of cheesetastic jams like "Touch My Body" and even "Obsessed," but it's her hits from the 1990s that hit your ears with that undeniable nostalgia. 

So what's my point? Well, with the arrival of Me. I am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse, I felt like we needed to remember her golden era. The era of "Dreamlover"and "Heartbreaker" and even "Boy (I Need You)" featuring my man Cam'Ron.

Honestly, choosing just one song to highlight today was a struggle. So, if the above doesn't quite do it for you, may I direct you to my comprehensive Mariah Carey playlist on Spotify? It leaves out all the riffraff and includes nothing but hot jams and soul-stirring ballads as deemed worthy by yours truly.

Now, who wants to go rollerblading on the pier?

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  1. nothing beats a bit of Mariah! x