Wednesday, May 14, 2014


{ Set me up slowly, that's what you do to me
oh you set me up slowly, now I can't come down }

You guys! Finally! I have been waiting (rather impatiently) for La Roux to release new music for a full five years. Their concert at the Showbox in Seattle four years ago is still clear in my mind as one of the best live shows I've ever seen, so imagine my joy upon hearing this new song and that the band has a second album plus a tour in the works. My heart is so happy.

'Let Me Down Gently' has that pleading, building La Roux sound with Elly Jackson's distinctive vocals that are more characteristic of jams like 'Colorless Colour' and 'Armor Love' than their big single, 'Bulletproof.' Personally, I love those slower synthy songs, so I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the upcoming album, Trouble in Paradise. (Dropping July 7th.)

Give the song a listen below, and just try not to get into it when the music all but drops out about halfway through and then—bam—kicks it up entirely. You can be that somebody is going to do a killer remix on this thing, but for now the original is just what we need to make the weekend feel a little bit closer.


  1. Man I wasn't a huge fan of MWMM before but you are killing it the last two weeks. I love me some La Roux.

  2. I loved Bulletproof and I loved her! It really has been a long time! I'm so glad she's back!

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