Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Watching Mad Men is as much about the clothes as it is about the characters. In anticipation of the Season 7 premiere this Sunday (and sort of by accident), I recently re-watched quite a few episodes from the past six seasons. The show is definitely a thinking man's drama, with slow plot progression and serious focus on character development—much of which is illustrated through the costuming. It's worth watching if only to see what the Draper wives wear season after season. 

I reflected on all the amazing costuming and fashion moments from Mad Men over on Lifestyle Mirror today, and—not to toot my own horn, but—it's definitely worth a look. The costumes of each female character on Mad Men represents their place in the world as well as their understanding of it. 

I (rather painstakingly) went back through all six seasons to select 25 stunning looks from Betty, Megan, Peggy and Joan, as well as equally important fashion moments from young Sally Draper, Trudy Campbell and Jane Sterling. Not to mention, I threw in a few forgotten-yet-fashionable minor characters who all made an impact over their small arcs. Remember the scandalous widow Helen Bishop? What about the mysterious Joy from the Palm Springs episode? 

Anyway, Check out the story here and let's get pumped for Sunday.

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