Saturday, April 5, 2014


I'm one of those people who saves perfume and candles. You know the type. We hoard things that are meant to be used, and are actually quite useless when they are not. I think of my fancy Jo Malone candle (this one, it's literally heavenly) as a "special occasion candle" and same goes for the nice scents I wear. It's weird I know, and yolo and all that, but I can't help it.

Months ago, the lovely ladies at Elizabeth and James sent me a bottle of Nirvana White for Christmas. I was instantly in love with the masculine-meets-feminine scent. My roommate even commented that she thought the smell (peonies, muguet, and musk) complimented my natural chemistry better than my usual perfume.

Just as I only burn my fanciest candle sparingly, I pretty much only wear this perfume on weekends, dates or work days when I have important meetings. When I do, I feel pretty, confident and special. So, maybe I should start wearing it everyday after all...

You can snag Elizabeth and James Nirvana from Sephora, $75. 

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