Thursday, April 3, 2014


{ But we've been trying with each other to unravel the age-old story, 
but I'm starting to think there's a reason we don't understand.  }

A day late but no less important, this week's MWMM is one of my best discoveries of late. Well, okay so I didn't discover them, truly—Spotify did it for me. Based on my enjoyment of The Oh Hello's and Lord Huron, Ivan & Alyosha was suggested to me. The "Discover" feature on Spotify really misses the mark sometimes, but in this case—what a slam dunk.

Their sound is a bit like The Head and the Heart, which is fun, considering Ivan & Alyosha is also a local Seattle band! It's easy, folk-rock listening for sure, and many of the songs have quite a catchy hook. The above, "Running For Cover," is just one example. 

The band is definitely still in that up-and-coming phase, but they've been featured on NPR, KEXP and in Spotify's Live Sessions. (The biggest artist they've opened for is Brandi Carlile, if that puts it in perspective.) Of course it's hard to say who will go big, but I hear a lot of potential in Ivan & Alyosha, and I think you guys will enjoy their vibe.

You can listen to all of their music on Spotify.

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