Wednesday, March 5, 2014


{ I call them couture shower shoes }

Listen, when people first started yaking about the return of Birkenstocks last summer, I too was like, "Don't be gross." I'm not sure what street style photographer threw them on his blog and was like, chiiiiic, but I do know that flat, sporty sandals that are like the warm weather version of sneakers were huge on the SS14 runways, and now they've infiltrated the market both at the designer and high street level. From Marni to Zara, everywhere you look are these kind of ridiculously un-feminine sandals. 

Do I like them? Eh. Some of these sandals, on some people? I can see it working. For the most part though, I recommend sticking with a good ol' gladiator. Personally, I can get down with Zara's slides tat have a huge metallic band and very flat soles. They'd look so cool with denim shorts or a breezy maxi dress this summer. I could even foresee white patent leather Birkenstocks looking semi-chic with cropped, toothpick denim.

Then again, part of me is looking back at this story like, "You have really lost your mind." In any case, I rounded up 15 or so of the most interesting sandals I've seen around, from Rachel Zoe, Lanvin, ASOS and yes, Birkenstock. Christ.

I need your help, friends. Are these cool and wearable...
Or totally weird and need to die ASAP?


  1. At first I thought "eww" but they have grown on me thanks to these ( ) and They All Hate Us. I hope that I don't look back on these one day and regret these words. Go for it. You only go around once :)

  2. Some trends you just have to pass on and this is definitely one of them! Haha not diggin it.

  3. Yeesh-- this is one trend I'm passing on. I'd rather spend money on investment sandals that I won't want to chuck in the garbage next summer.

  4. Hahaha - couture shower shoes! I love that description, but I haaaate these shoes! I remember seeing the first couple pairs pop up around the internet and thinking "oh no..." and now they seem to be everywhere and they are absolutely cringe worthy. There are far cuter ways to be comfortable - definitely won't be sporting these.

  5. I might wear the middle (silver) ones to the grocery store. But that's about it. They aren't that cute.

    ∞ ∞