Friday, March 28, 2014


This morning I awoke to more than 20 missed texts from a group message thread with my best friends from college. We went to University of Arizona, and apparently, our beloved Wildcats are killing it during #marchmadness, and have advanced to the Elite Eight. 

Listen, I know what these things mean because I'm not a dummy and U of A has a history of being pretty great at basketball. (Lute Olson, anyone?) But as you can probably guess, I'm still exhausted from caring about the Seahawks and the Super Bowl back in February—I just don't know if I have it in me again to scream and pay attention and learn the names of all these guys. (It seems my alma mater allegiance isn't quite as strong as that towards of my hometown...) 

Anyway, can I talk to you about my own personal March Madness? I sort of hate the month of March, and it's rain and never-ending-ness and no holidays and #stillwinter status is driving me bonkers. So, to stave off non-basketball-related insanity, I created a fresh playlist of jamz.

This one is full of mostly synthy electro-pop that's relatively new—it fits the upbeat but still kind of rainy and cloudy vibe of the season I think. I included some past MWMM songs from Pharrell, MØ, Solange and The Knocks, plus a few you may not have heard before. (I'm obsessed with Disclosure and Sam Smith's "Latch," by the way.)

Perfect for bopping into this last weekend of March (thank god!) and grooving into April, go ahead and press play on this one.

[Image credit: Vogue, 2012]

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